Entertainment 2017

The 2016 Glenwood Ave Arts Fest featured three days of live music and performance with over 50 groups on 3 stages! Around the district, venues hosted after-sets featuring encore performances from some Fest favorites.

Friday Night Cobblestone Jam
Presented by the Red Line Tap
Friday, August 19, 2016 - 6pm to 10pm @ the North Stage
 6:00  Sails
 7:00  The Bingers
 8:00  White Reaper

Come join the artists, volunteers, and neighbors as we celebrate the launch of this year's Fest!

Morse Ave. West Stage
 Morse Ave at Greenview Ave
Sponsored by Rogers Park Social
 12:00   DJ Bashert  DJ Bashert
 1:00      Midwestern Lull   DJ Bashert
 2:00  Barrett's Hidden Agenda   School of Rock Lakeview
 3:00 Sweet Diezel Jenkins  Boolean Knife
 4:00  Untold Dirty  Devil in a Woodpile
 5:00  Furious Frank  Ellis Clark & The Big Parade
 6:00  Polkaholics Amazing Heeby Jeebies
 7:00  The Locals  Mudflapps
 8:00  White Mystery  Lauren Wolf Band

Glenwood North Stage
 Glenwood Ave at Lunt Ave
Sponsored by the Heartland Cafe and Red Line Tap
 12:00  The Liam Kelley Experience   In One Ear
 1:00  Sammy Crossland and the Sideffects  Bernie and the Wolf
 2:00  James Weigel and Dan Ornduff  Jimmy Bennington Colour and Sound
 3:00  Ray Wild  Mo Zowayed
 4:00  Red Plastic Buddah  Elk Walking
 5:00  Gooey  Brandi Hart and Aaron Smith
 6:00  Eliza Neals  Coyote Riot
 7:00  Absolutely Not   Honey and the 45s
 8:00  Radkey  Henhouse Prowlers

Glenwood South Stage
Glenwood Ave at Farwell Ave
Sponsored by Lifeline Theatre & R Public House
 11:30  WeeGroove  WeeGroove
 12:00  Performing Arts Limited  Chicago Music & Dance Intl
 1:00  kor productions (opera)  Lifeline Theatre KidSeries Sampler
 2:00  Lifeline Theatre KidSeries Sampler  Glenwood Dance Studio
 3:00  Sullivan High School Rock Band  Sullivan High School Rock Band
 4:00  Mike Finnerty (jazz-blues)  BiFunkal
 5:00  Versatile Bliss (reggae)  ChickenFat Klezmer Orchestra
 6:00  Soul Vistas (neo soul)  Bora Bora
 7:00  Beta Males  Tuffy Roads (pop punk)
 8:00  Boom Boom Revue  JD Glass

Performers and times are subject to change - Last updated 2016.07.08