Glenwood Avenue Arts Fest (GAAF) is a community based, grassroots, non-profit event that is planned and produced by volunteers.  GAAF is dedicated to remaining free to the public, offering low participation fees to artists, showcasing the artists and venues of the Glenwood Avenue Arts District, and championing the unique and eclectic character of Rogers Park.

Founding Fest Organizer, Alan J. Goldberg
The 17th Annual GAAF 2018 event committee:

  Dorothy Milne - Fest Director
Alan J. Goldberg - Assistant Director, Development
Gregory Altman - Assistant Director, Marketing
Les Begay - Volunteers
Diana Berek - Artists & Layout
Erica Foster - Registrar
Jim Ginderske - Infrastructure
Sydney Rosenfeld - Entertainment
Tom Rosenfeld - Merchants & Entertainment

GAAF Emeritus:
Mary Bao
Ellen Baren
Kat Krzynowek
Brettly Kawaguchi
Neil Lifton

The Glenwood Avenue Arts Fest is a community partnership with Lifeline Theatre, a 501(c)3 organization in Rogers Park, Chicago, Illinois.

The first Glenwood Ave Arts Fest was organized in 2002 by Alan J. Goldberg.  It was called the Glenwood Avenue Arts District Outrageous Open Studio Walk and Succulent Street Fair.  The name has been subsequently shortened.

 We remember the contributions of Neil Lifton.  His spirit lives on in our celebration of our neighborhood, art, and music.

Neil Lifton
Neil Lifton