The 2018 Glenwood Ave Arts Fest features three days of live music and performance with over 40 groups on 3 stages! Around the district, venues host after-sets featuring encore performances from some Fest favorites.
Friday Night Cobblestone Jam
Blues Alley featuring: Chicago Blues All Stars w/ son of Willie Dixon, son of Muddy Waters, son of Carrie Bell, Liz Mandeville, Corey Dennison, Nicholas Barron

     Glenwood Ave. North and South Stages
Friday, August 17, 2018 - 6pm to 10pm
Sponsored by ArtSpace RP

North Stage South Stage
6:00 Lurrie Bell son of Carey Bell 6:00 Liz Mandeville
7:00 Mojo Morganfield Blues Band, Joseph Morganfield, son of Muddy Waters 7:00Peaches Staten
8:00 Original Chicago Blues All Stars, Freddie Dixon son of Willie Dixon 8:00 Nicholas Barron Electric Blues Band
Morse Ave. West Stage
Morse Ave at Greenview Ave
Sponsored by Rogers Park Social
Saturday Sunday
18-Aug-18 19-Aug-18
11:00 Toddler Jam     11:30 Dog Beach Drummers: Drumming for Peace
12:00 Dirty Velvet 12:15 Dome Aduna
1:00 The Just Luckies 1:45 Slacky J 
2:30 DJ Billy 3:00 Chicago Jamaican Jazz Ensemble
4:00 Son Monarcas 4:15 Urban Rhythm
5:30 Zoofunkyou 5:30 Dos Santos
7:00 The Claudettes
Glenwood North Stage
Glenwood Ave at Lunt Ave
Sponsored by the Heartland Café
Saturday Sunday
18-Aug-18 19-Aug-18
12:15 DJ Billy12:00 In One Ear
1:30 School Of Rock 1:30 James Weigel
2:45 Charlie Pierce 2:45 Bernie and the Wolf
4:15 Untamed Shrew 4:00 Growler
5:30 Absolutely Not 5:15 The Henhouse Prowlers
6:45 Tamarie T. and The Elektra Kumpany
8:00 Akenya
Glenwood South Stage
Glenwood Ave at Farwell Ave      
Sponsored by Lifeline Theatre and Empirical Brewery       
Saturday Sunday
18-Aug-18 19-Aug-18
12:15 DJ Drew 
12:00 Captain Jackalope
1:15 Sullivan High School rock bands1:30 Sullivan High School rock bands
2:30 Jimmy Bennington Colour and Sound 2:45 Adam Gottlieb & One Love
3:45 Deep Cricket Night 4:00 Furious Frank
5:00 Hot As Hell 5:15 Rebel Soul Revival
6:15 Polkaholics
7:30 Bone Jugs
Performers and times are subject to change - Last updated 2018.07