Morse Ave / Glenwood Ave Streetscape

Post date: Feb 25, 2010 11:2:16 PM

The long-awaited streetscape project along Morse and Glenwood is finally happening. Construction is scheduled to begin this Spring and should be finished by the end of Fall! Although the project has scaled back from its once grand scale, it brings a welcome facelift to the infrastructure in the Glenwood Ave Arts District.

The Fest Committee was fortunate to meet with the project director, project manager, and the CDOT construction engineer. Their willingness to meet with the committee and their ensuing knowledge of the Fest and its use of the streets was impressive. Their phased construction schedule can be easily adjusted to avoid the street festival boundaries in late August.

We get to have our Fest and street it too.

Some of the features of the street scape include:

    • New overhead lights - black old fashioned style "Gateway 2000" street lights

    • "Double-acorn" lights on black posts - lower, for pedestrian lighting

    • A new stormwater drainage system for Glenwood

    • Expansion of the pedestrian sidewalk and parkway along Glenwood

    • Water permeable brick pavers on expanded parkways

    • Raised self watering planter boxes at Morse & Ashland

    • Concrete planters on parkway bump-outs at corners

    • Retention and restoration of much of the cobblestone street (SB Glenwood)

    • No expansion of the existing pay-to-park locations